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National Anthem of South Korea

Korean Lyrics


1. Donghae mulgwa Baekdusani mareugo daltorok
haneunimi bouhasa urinara manse

mugunghwa samcheolli hwaryeogangsan
Daehan saram Daehaneuro giri bojeonhase

2. Namsan wie jeo sonamu cheolgabeul dureundeut
baram seori bulbyeonhameun uri gisangilse

3. gaeul haneul gonghwalhande nopgo gureum eopsi
balgeun dareun uri gaseum ilpyeondansimilse

4. i gisanggwa i mameuro chungseongeul dahayeo
goerouna jeulgeouna nara saranghase

English Translation

1. Until the East Sea's waves are dry, (and) Mt. Baektusan worn away,
God watch o'er our land forever! Our Korea manse !

Rose of Sharon, thousand miles of range and river land !
Guarded by her people, ever may Korea stand !

2. Like that Mt. Namsan armored pine, standing on duty still,
wind or frost, unchanging ever, be our resolute will.

3. In autumn's, arching evening sky,crystal, and cloudless blue,
Be the radiant moon our spirit, steadfast, single, and true.

4. With such a will, (and) such a spirit, loyalty, heart and hand,
Let us love, come grief, come gladness, this, our beloved land !


Lyrics by: Yun Ch'i-Ho or An Ch'ang-Ho

Music by:  Ahn Eaktay

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