Geo World Resources
                                    Where the KBears get their Knowledge

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Photo Resources continued:

Blue Water Rallies Unlimited:
  Photo of Djibouti.
  The Great Mirror:
  Photo source of Nepal, Bangladesh, and others, by Bret Wallach.
  Non-war pictures of Iraq.
  The Africa Guide:
  African pictures, by Chris Starace.
  The Travels of Colin Ryder:

Travel pictures from European countries.
  Majuro, RMI page:
  Pictures of the Marshall Islands, by David R. Huskins.

Douglas Long Homepage:
  East Timor & Somalia pictures, by Douglas Long.

  Dr. Yohannes Berhane
  Pictures of Eritrea.

  Homepage of Florent V.:
  Source of St. Pierre and Miquelon pictures.

People and Places of the World:
  Source for pictures from many countries.

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