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Fun facts about Roosters:

A rooster is a male chicken. Although they are small, chickens are one of the most important farm animals. Farmers raise chickens for eggs or meat. Both eggs and meat are high in protein, and protein is a key part of our diet. Today nearly 6.5 billion chickens are raised each year in the United States alone.

             Although chickens have feathers and wings, they only can fly very short distances. Most adult chickens are brown or white. Chickens live between three and five years.

            Chickens are social animals. This means that they develop a rank among themselves.  Roosters are more aggressive than the females; it is a rooster’s job to make sure his hens, or female chickens, are safe from other roosters and are able to eat.

            Finally, roosters are best known for their “cock-a-doodle-doo” sound. The rooster is like an alarm clock for the farm, because it wakes up early in the morning with the sun. This is helpful because farmers get up early to tend to the animals.

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