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Fun facts about Cows:

Thousands of years ago, human beings began using cattle as a source of food, clothing material, and transportation. Farmers have different names for the different kinds of cattle. 

            A cow is an adult female bovine that has had a calf (baby cow). Most cows are either dairy cows or beef cows.  Farmers raise dairy cows to produce the milk that makes products like butter, cheese, and milk.  The most famous kind of dairy cow is the Holstein, which has a distinct black and white pattern. Holstein cows can produce up to 18,000 pints (10,000 liters) of milk per year. Beef cows are raised on a farm and then killed for us to eat.

            Cows mostly eat grass, which they digest in stages using four compartments in their stomach. They also need a lot of water each day to stay hydrated. Their waste products, called manure, can be turned into fertilizer by thrifty farmers.

            Cows are important animals in many ancient cultures. In India, cows are sacred. They were also important symbols of fertility and creation in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

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