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Tropical rainforests are also known as equatorial: they are located near the equator.

Brazil has the largest tropical rainforest (The Amazon), others are in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Western Africa.

Temperatures average between 70-85F (21-29.5C). These areas are warm all year long.

Tropical areas cover 6-7% of the Earth's surface.

Having an average of 400 inches per year, rainforests are a perfect place for trees and plants to grow.

Cacao and Coffee, as well as Lianas are products that come from these areas.

Bamboo, Bananas, Sugar Cane, Rubber, Ginger, and Black Pepper are all native of these regions.

Because of the dense and diversified vegetation a great number of animal species can be found in the rainforest.

Many different types of birds (such as the Blue Bird of Paradise) and insects (such as the Flying Dragon) live only in the rainforest.

Many primates such as the Orangutan, the Gorilla, and the Chimpanzee live there.

The rainforest is also a dangerous environment with many poisonous snakes, such as the Vine snake.

Carnivorous animals like the Puma and Cougar, are the great hunters of the Rainforest.

There also exist Temperate Rainforests, which are smaller tropical areas.

The ecosystem of the Temperate Rainforest is similar to the one of the Tropical Rainforest, with the exception of dry seasons.

This type of climate is found in South America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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